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“ Tyre was regarded as the greatest maritime trading civilization in the world.
The Phoenician civilization was quite amazing, and it was settled upon Tyre. So we have a lot to learn, by studying the history, learning from the mistakes that were made but also, the great advances that were made.
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Congressman Charles Boustany
Honorary Chairman of Tyre Day
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The American Committee for Tyre (ACT), a 501c (3) tax exempt NGO incorporated in the District of Columbia, was founded in 1980 under the patronage of its first Honorary Chairman and President Senator Claiborne Pell . Under his leadership, and the advocacy of illustrious members, the Committee obtained a number of motions and resolutions in the U.S. Senate and Congress to protect the history of the Phoenician Metropolis Tyre, Lebanon.

The European Parliament, the House of Lords, the World Federation of Twinned Cities, the Arab League and many more organizations, have adopted over 47 decisions and resolutions in favor of Tyre and have addressed pleas for the protection of this millenary city.  In November 1984, Tyre was officially registered as a World Heritage Site.

The ACT is at the forefront of a group of 13 national organizations, created by The International Association to Save Tyre (AIST), dedicated to safeguard the city’s illustrious cultural heritage and rehabilitate its crucial role in human history as well as promoting its economic and social development for future generations.

The International Association to Save Tyre (AIST) was founded in 1980. The International NGO, in Consultative Status with the United Nations, and accredited by UNESCO, is actively drawing the attention of governmental and non-governmental institutions, as well as the public opinion, to the cultural and historical legacy of Tyre through a worldwide Phoenician heritage campaign.

American Committee for Tyre

Honarary Committee
Honarary Chair

The Honorable Congressman Charles Boustany

Honorary Chair

The Honorable Ambassador Esther Coopersmith

Committee Members
The Honorable Spencer ABRAHAM
Dr. Richard ARNDT
Mr. Rafic A. BIZRI
Ambassador and Mrs. Antoine CHEDID
Dr. George CODY
Mr. Habib & Mrs. Hind DEBS
Mr. Nijad& Mrs. Zeina FARES
Mr. Abul Huda & Mrs.Samia FAROUKI
Ambassador Edward M. GABRIEL
The Honorable Richard L. HANNA
The Honorable Darrell E. &Mrs.Kathy ISSA
General George JOULWAN
Ambassador Theodore H. KATTOUF
The Honorable Ray H. LAHOOD
The Honorable Nick J. RAHALL, II
Mr. Ghassan& Mrs.Manal SAAB
Mrs. Betty H. SAMS
The Honorable Donna E. SHALALA
The Honorable John E. SUNUNU
The Honorable James W. SYMINGTON
Mr. Peter J. TANOUS
Dr. James ZOGBY

Board Of Directors
Richard Ashooh
Rita Balian
Reem Chalabi
Jeffrey Coopersmith
Virginie Corm
Mary Jane Deeb
Peter Dorman
Rana El-Amine
Dennis G. Pardee
Jan Du Plain
James Gallagher
Jay Ghaza
Martha Sharp Joukowsky
Aida Karaoglan
Adib Kassis
Kristin Killion
The Honorable Phyllis Oakley
Suzan Rababe
Thomas Schmuhl
Judith Terra
Ann Townsend
Peter van Dommelen

Meet Our Officers
Founder & General Secretary
Maha El-Khalil Chalabi
Chairman & President
David Killion
Edward Ayoob
Janet Pitt
Executive Director
Randa Fahmy