Ancient Tyre, the Capital of the Greatest Maritime Traders of the Mediterranean in History: The Phoenicians.

  • Over many centuries, Phoenicia, land of Canaan, meeting point of interaction and exchange, has been a pioneer of peaceful relations among peoples
  • From its shores, all things spread: people, culture, technology, civilization, religion... and art
  • The radiance of Phoenicia went beyond the shores of the Mediterranean and reached the farthest confines of the Ancient World
  • The Phoenicians were initiators of North/South Dialogue
  • Geographical proximity, common interests, historical relationships are all factors that provide new opportunities today for dialogue and cooperation among the countries of the Mediterranean basin
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I just want to offer my deep appreciation to the Library of Congress for hosting this incredible event.
Today’s seminars were incredibly successful and I think this is a great opportunity to introduce a lot of people to a project that Maha Chalabi has been championing for over 40 years.

Ambassador David Killion
Chairman & President of the American Committee For Tyre
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The Phoenicians, have been underrated throughout history and one man has a mission of shedding light on their achievements and past glory. This man, former British navy, Captain Philip Beale is a zealous admirer of the greatest seafarers of Antiquity. In 2007 he built an exact replica of a Phoenician ship “Phoenicia” and circumnavigated the African continent, a voyage that took him two years which was inspired by the Phoenician exploits as described by Herodotus. The first navigators with their mighty cedar wood Phoenician ships developed exceptional sailing techniques, discovered the polar star which enabled them to sail by night. Captain Beale will navigate Phoenicia from the Mediterranean to the Americas in September 2017 to illustrate that the Phoenicians had capabilities and skills to cross the Atlantic two thousand years before Columbus. It is a quest that demands to be attempted to answer one of history’s most important questions: who were the first sailors to discover the New World?

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Captain Philip Beale’s presentation of the Phoenicians Before Columbus expedition at the Lebanese American University of Beirut

General Assembly – UNESCO Paris

Tyre Foundation, the International Association to Save Tyre and the French Committee for Tyre held their General Assembly on March 29, 2017 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The event was presided by Minister Hervé de Charette with the presence of Minister Christian Pierret, H.E. Mr. Daniel Rondeau, Mr. Pierre Chevalet, Mr. Paul



Crossing The Atlantic - Promotional Luncheon in D.C.

On Friday the 7th of April from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm under the patronage of the Embassy of Lebanon in Washington DC, the American Committee for Tyre organized a luncheon at UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador, the Honorable Esther Coopersmith’s home in support of the "Phoenicians before Columbus" expedition.



1 Picasso for 100 euros

"1 Picasso for 100 Euros" is an international online tombola organized by the International Association to Save Tyre with the support of Sotheby’s in order to raise funds to support Tyre, the Lebanese city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lucky winner of our Lottery “1 Picasso for 100 euros” is Mr. Jeffrey Gonano ...