League of Canaanite, Phoenician and Punic Cities (LCCPP)

The League of Canaanite, Phoenician and Punic Cities enhances the links of a 4500 years history to develop a better future through a solidarity network.

The Phoenicians were Canaanites from Canaan. The Greek were the ones who called them “Phoenicians” on the East Mediterranean Coast and “Punics” in North Africa. The Canaanites edited the modern alphabet and spread it through trade. They were very well known for their skills in handicrafts such as blown glass and purple dye.

The purpose of the League is to develop cultural and socio-economic bonds as a prelude to a multidimensional cooperation between Mediterranean cities that share a common history and have accepted and signed the League "Charter of values". Forums and exhibitions will be organized in member cities, to prove that the future perspectives reside in dialogue, scientific exchange and in the trade of ideas.

A program of action has been developed. Four committees have been created, each responsible for a Theme: culture and education, cultural tourism, development of crafts and SMEs, and finally the maritime environment:

1- Culture and Education: in collaboration with universities, the committee will coordinate research and ensure the sharing of knowledge in archaeology, ethnology, and sociology as well as training and student exchanges.

2- Cultural Tourism: an essential theme that will be in charge of organizing cultural events throughout the year under the program "Phoenician Seas” such as cruises, regatta, festivals..

3- Development of Traditional Crafts and SME’s: the objectives being to encourage creativity, art, trade between these cities and organizing annual fairs with quality Label.

4- Maritime Environment: propose solutions for coastal problems in the Mediterranean and help develop “Green Port” label in the League countries Ports.