Handicraft Village

The committee is establishing a Center for the Development of Traditional Crafts: the Artisanal Center of Ashtart.

The Center will help avert the disappearance of ancient techniques and will ensure the crafts renaissance and excellence in Tyre. It will revitalize this sector by establishing pilot workshops and selecting/developing products that could be marketed abroad to generate growth and employment. This project workforce will mainly be composed of the youth, women and the disabled.
At a later stage, the production of the purple color based on the ancient methods will be explored by researching the Murex, a Mediterranean seashell.
The workshops will build technical cooperation links with European centers specialized in each of these disciplines to enhance the development and competitiveness of local artisanal products. These centers will be required to delegate some of their master craftsmen to participate as instructors in training missions in Tyre at regular intervals.
Once the production quality reaches its desired level, we will establish a local and international distribution chain, through “Artisans du Monde”, museums, shops and specialized fairs.