Equal rights and duties between sexes are leveling everywhere especially around the Mediterranean. The American Committee for Tyre decided to contribute to this collective thrust for Women in the Mediterranean. This recognition award expands to different areas of society:  economic, social, cultural, educational and political. Thus, it’s in our shared geo-cultural history and heritage that we found reference in a figure likely to support our effort for the promotion of Women in the Mediterranean: Elissa daughter of Tyre, founder of Carthage.

Building on the symbolic reference of this emblematic figure, a legendary heroine connecting the two shores of the Mare Nostrum, the ACT and the International Association to Save Tyre launched, in cooperation  with  MED  21  Program  (institute  for  prize  related  to  Mediterranean legacy) and Didon d’Or Award of Carthage (who crowns Tunisian women actions) an award entitled ELISSA / DIDON for the promotion of women condition in the Mediterranean. It will be awarded every year to 4 distinguished ladies: 2 from the north shores and 2 from the south shores. The winners will be selected based on the significant contribution they made to promote the status of women and achieve equal rights in the areas of: culture, heritage, economics, education, social, health, artistic creativity, scientific, political action, communication, and others.

The first edition of this award was held in Greece during a splendid ceremony on the October 12, 2014 at the emblematic Acropolis Museum during the League of Canaanite, Phoenician and Punic Cities Forum closing Gala Dinner.

The laureates were:

  • Lady Yvonne Sursock Cochrane of Lebanon
  • Mrs. Rodi Kratsa of Greece
  • Mrs. Souhair Belhassen of Tunisia
  • Mrs. Chérifa Kheddar  of Algeria