Phoenician Day

The “Phoenician Day” is an enlightening event dedicated to the legacy of the Phoenician civilization. It is held every second Saturday of May of each year with changing themes.

This event will be organized in different cities of the league, with the year’s theme interpreted in a local way.

The event shall be under the patronage of the Minister of Culture in every country wishing to participate.

This year's theme was “The Phoenician Heritage”

It invited students from different private and public schools to discover Phoenician archeological sites and visit museums. Transportation and guides were provided by the municipalities.

The program focused on four of the league’s main themes, and was tailored depending on each municipality concerns and resources:

  1. Culture and Education: The municipalities organized a conference, in which local and international experts were invited to discuss matters of historical significance and current events. Sessions about Phoenicia were scheduled in schools.
  2. Handicrafts: The municipalities invited local craftsmen to exhibit and sell their products that go back to the Phoenician eras. During the fair, a ‘Quality Label’ was awarded to the two best craftsmen.
  3. Cultural Tourism: Municipalities organized an open day to visit sites and museums. Guides and local transportation were provided.  Planned Sailboat regattas could not launch due to high seas, the winners were to be awarded the ‘Phoenician Seas’ trophy.
  4. Maritime Environment: A campaign aiming to develop a sense of awareness took place to promote the importance of environmental issues in managing port sites, particularly obtaining the League’s ‘Green Port’ label.

The media coverage of this event encourages a sense of the heritage, culture tourism, and authentic craftsmanship.