UNESCO; Session 26

date : 1991-10-01
Reference Number : Resolution 26C/INF/38

recommending that "the Director General and the Member States of UNESCO assign very high priority to the launching of the International Campaign to save the archeological site of Tyre and its surroundings…"

ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES. 26C/Res.3.1.2 D(c) - Safeguarding of Tyre (Lebanon) P.26

UNESCO; Word heritage committee; Session 16

date : 1992-12-07
Reference Number : WHC-92/CONF.002/12

Requesting that "a report be provided on the preservation action carried out by the Lebanese authorities and UNESCO, in connection with the preparation for the international safeguard campaign”.

Convention concerning the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage.

UNESCO; Executive Board; Session 142

date : 1994-03-01
Reference Number : 142 EX/SR.l-13

Requesting "the Director General to take all appropriate steps that could contribute to the implementation of the “Route of the Phoenicians” regatta project".

ITEM 5: EXECUTION OF THE PROGRAMME; 5.5: Culture; 5.5.6 The Route of the Phoenicians P.9